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PNB Junior: Children will have savings habit since childhood, PNB started this special facility


new Delhi. Every parent wants their child to grow up and get a good education and earn a name. Investment is very important for this. Due to this, PNB has launched a special scheme for children. Its name is PNB Junior SF Account. Through this, children will develop a habit of saving from childhood. This will make their future even more secure. So what is this plan and how to open the account, know full details in this account.

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What is PNB Junior SF Account
This account can be opened in the name of children. For this, parents have to apply. In this, children can deposit their pocket money. This will develop a sense of saving in them. If the child is more than 10 years of age, then he can operate this account himself. You do not need a minimum balance for this account. The initial deposit in this account is zero.

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These facilities will be available on account
In this account, children will get a checkbook of 50 checks. It will be valid for a year. Apart from this, if you do NEFT transactions with this account, then you can do free transactions up to 10 thousand rupees per day. This can make demand draft for school or college free. There will also be a facility to withdraw 5 thousand rupees every day on Rupay ATM card.


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