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PM-WANI Yojana: Public data offices will be built on the lines of PCO, no need for expensive plans for internet


new Delhi. In earlier times, you must have seen the PCO i.e. telephone booth at the place where people were able to talk to their near and dear ones through STD and local phone calls. In the same way, now the government is going to bring Wi-Fi revolution in the era of digitalization. For this, the Cabinet chaired by PMA Modi has approved the PM-Public Wi-Fi Axis Network Interface (PM-WANI) scheme. In this, public data offices will be built on the lines of Peace, so that the common people will get free internet facility. For this, they will not have to buy expensive internet plans of telecom companies.

What is this plan
With the PM-Vani scheme, fast speed internet will also be available in remote areas of the country. The public data office, public data aggregator and app provider will mainly work in this. No license, registration and fees will be required for public data office PDOs. Will use the Wi-Fi service to use the Internet in mobile phones. PDO office can be opened by any person. He can take this facility from any Internet service provider or company to run it. Wi-Fi revolution will come in the country through this scheme.

How PDO will work
You can get Wi-Fi from PDO. With which you will be able to use internet easily anywhere. Any company, society, shopkeeper in the country can make public Wi-Fi Axis Point. Which will allow Wi-Fi, hot-spots for millions of people. This will increase opportunities in education, health and business. Also, employment opportunities will develop in remote areas. Public data aggregator will have an important role to maintain society in this system. The aggregator will monitor the public data office ie PDO’s account. The government will give him a license within 7 days. Actually registration will be considered as license.


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