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PM Narendra Modi announces- 21 days i.e. three weeks complete lockdown till April 14 in entire India to stop corona virus


new Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a total three-week, 21-day nationwide lockdown from 12 pm to 14 April 24 in India to prevent the spread of the corona virus. While addressing the country for the second time in six days on the Corona virus crisis, PM Modi said that these people will be tougher than the curfew and people should understand that a curfew-like step is necessary to fight and win a crisis like Corona. PM Modi said that during this period, essential services will not be stopped and there will be no shortage of food or medicine.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that if there is life there is no saying, it has to be understood. The 21-day lockdown is a long time but to protect the people of the country, there is no way other than taking these steps to protect the village and the city. Doctors around the world say that to stop the infection cycle of this virus, at least 21 days cycle is required and we have to come out victorious from this 21 day lockdown.

Before the 21-day lockdown was announced across the country, PM Modi thanked the people of the country for making the March 22 Janata curfew a success and said that India has told the whole world that in order to protect humanity in times of crisis, Indians How to unite and take a resolution and fulfill it. The Prime Minister said that the lesson of this disease in other countries of the world is that only by social distancing, that is, keeping it closed at home can this disease be prevented.

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