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Petrol-Diesel Prices Today: Petrol remained on record in Delhi, prices rose again today, see here


Petrol-Diesel Prices Today: Petrol reached record high again in Delhi. (Symbolic picture)

Special things

  • Petrol running at record level in Delhi
  • 35 paise increase on Tuesday
  • Petrol being sold at Rs 86.05 per liter

new Delhi:

Petrol, Diesel Prices Today: In the last few days in Delhi Petrol prices Is increasing continuously. Petrol has been crossing its record level in the capital since last week. Petrol prices have also been increased on Tuesday, January 26, after which petrol has again gone to its all-time high.

According to Indian Oil Corporation, petrol prices have increased by 35 paise in Delhi on Tuesday, after which its price has increased from Rs 85.70 per liter to Rs 86.05 per liter. Not only petrol, diesel prices have also increased by 35 paise, after which the price of diesel has increased from Rs 75.88 per liter to Rs 76.23 per liter.

Apart from this, fuel prices have also been revised in other metro cities of the country. Petrol is being sold in Mumbai on Tuesday at Rs 92.62 per liter and diesel at Rs 83.03 per liter. Let us know that petrol prices are being the most expensive in Delhi, while diesel is being sold in Mumbai at the most expensive prices so far.

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Let us know that in addition to Delhi, Mumbai, petrol is selling 88.60 and diesel 81.47 per liter in Chennai. In Kolkata, petrol is priced at Rs 87.45 per liter and diesel is priced at Rs 79.83 per liter.

Let us know that petrol prices are seen increasing more than last week. For the last one month, prices were seen to be stable, but after January 6, 2021, they saw a significant rise. The rally in the global crude price prices and the rise in the stock market due to the coronavirus vaccine has affected the fuel prices.

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