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Petrol, Diesel Prices Today: After four days hike, prices have not increased today, know the price of petrol diesel in your city


Petrol Diesel Prices: Prices not increased today after four consecutive days of hike

New Delhi:

Fuel Rates Today: Today after four consecutive days of price rise Petrol and diesel There has been no change in the prices of. Petrol was recorded at 91 rupees 27 paise per liter and diesel 81 rupees 73 paise per liter on Saturday 8 May. At the same time, before this, its prices had increased for four consecutive days. Due to which a lot of anger was being seen among the people. Earlier on Friday, the price of petrol was increased by 28 paise per liter and diesel by 31 paise per liter.

If we talk about today’s prices in metros, then petrol in Delhi is Rs 91.27 per liter and diesel is 81.73 per liter. The price of one liter petrol in Mumbai is Rs 97.61 and the price of one liter diesel is Rs 88.82. At the same time, the price of petrol and diesel in Chennai has gone up to Rs 93.15 and Rs 86.65. Apart from this, in Kolkata, you will have to pay Rs 91.41 for a liter, then for diesel, you will have to pay Rs 84.57.

In the country, oil prices are revised every day at 6 am because petrol and diesel prices change every day in the country according to crude oil prices and foreign exchange rates. These new prices are applicable to every petrol pump in the country from 6 am every day.

You can know the prices of petrol and diesel every day from your phone through an SMS. For this, you can send SMS to the mobile number 9224992249 under the Indian Oil SMS service. Your message will be something like – RSP<स्पेस>Petrol Pump Dealer Code.

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