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Petrol-Diesel Prices: Petrol has crossed 100 in 11 states, so far in June, prices increased for 14 days


Petrol-Diesel Price Today: There is no change in the prices of petrol and diesel today.

New Delhi:

Fuel Price Today : Petrol and diesel prices are reaching new highs every other day in the country. Retail fuel prices are anyway running at their historic level here. There has been no change in oil prices on Monday, June 28, but Saturday and Sunday There was a big increase in oil prices on both the days. On Saturday, petrol and diesel became costlier by 35-35 paise per liter and on Sunday by 35-25 paise per liter.

How much did the price increase in May-June

Let us tell you that after the stability of March-April, oil prices started increasing from 4th May onwards. In May, prices had increased for a total of 17 days. At the same time, so far in June, the prices have increased for 14 days. That is, so far in May-June, the price of oil has increased for a total of 31 days. Due to the increase in these two months, petrol has become costlier by Rs 8.14 per liter and diesel by Rs 8.11 per liter.

Government is making a means of looting from the public by increasing the tax on petrol and diesel by 12 times: Priyanka Gandhi

In which states did petrol exceed 100?

Due to this increase, the price of petrol in the cities of the country has crossed Rs 100 per liter. There are 11 states of the country where petrol is being sold beyond Rs 100 per liter in the capital or some districts. These states are Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Odisha, Ladakh, Bihar, Karnataka, Telangana, Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir.

Petrol in Mumbai crossed the Rs 104 per liter mark for the first time yesterday. At the same time, petrol in Sriganganagar of Rajasthan touched the figure of Rs 110 per liter, which is the historical highest level ever.

What are the current rates

Delhi: Petrol – ₹98.46 per litre; Diesel – ₹ 88.90 per liter

Mumbai: Petrol – ₹104.56 per litre; Diesel – ₹96.42 per liter

Kolkata: Petrol – ₹98.30 per litre; Diesel – ₹91.75 per liter

Chennai: Petrol – Rs 99.49 per liter; Diesel – ₹ 93.46 per liter

Bengaluru: Petrol – ₹101.75 per litre; Diesel – ₹94.25 per liter

Hyderabad: Petrol – ₹ 102.32 per litre; Diesel – ₹96.90 per liter

Thiruvananthapuram: Petrol – ₹100.44 per litre; Diesel – ₹ 95.44 per liter

Jaipur: Petrol – ₹105.18 per litre; Diesel – ₹97.99 per liter

Patna: Petrol – ₹100.47 per litre; Diesel – ₹94.24 per liter

Chandigarh: Petrol – ₹94.69 per litre; Diesel – ₹88.54 per liter

Bhopal: Petrol – ₹106.71 per liter; Diesel – ₹97.63 per liter

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