People bothered by heat ready to be fined, but not to wear Helmet


Almost the whole country is facing massive heat these days. The warmth of summer is so much that some people are not even worried to risk their life. Many people have stopped wearing helmets due to heat in Bengaluru. On getting caught, they are ready to pay the fine to the traffic police, but not to wear helmets. Some people are also demanding that during the summers, the police should relax the rules of wearing helmets.

According to police data, in January and February 2017, police registered six lakh cases of driving without a helmet. This figure has reached 4 lakh in March alone and it is likely to increase further in the month of April. Two-wheeler drivers are avoiding wearing Helmets due to heat and sweating. On getting caught, the police collects a fine of Rs 100 from such people.

On being caught, most people say that they are ready to pay the fine but wearing helmets is very difficult for them. Shilpa Raghunandan living in Jayanagar is also one of such people. ‘I take my childrens to school and back home on scooter. Earlier I used to wear helmets, but now even in the morning it is difficult to get out of the house in such a heat. I am ready to give fine, but can not wear helmets in the annoyance of heat.’

Most bikers take helmets while still on the traffic signal, so that they can feel relieved some time. Prosecutor Rajendra Babu says that whenever there is a red light on the traffic signal, he removes helmet. He said that even during this time the police has stopped him from doing so.

However, the police is refusing to say that due to summer the cases of biking without helmet have increased. Traffic police’s Additional Commissioner R. Hithendra said that the police is now taking strict action on such cases, so such issues are coming out.

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