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Paytm and Google Pay will change the way of payment, RBI prepared new plan


new Delhi. Corona period and PM Narendra Modi’s talk of promoting digital payments Paytm And paying with Google Pay has become a common practice. Now both these methods are used for payment from a cart to a big shop. But RBI is going to change these payment methods soon. In order to promote secure transactions in the country, a draft has been prepared to make it necessary to use Interoperable QR Code. It is believed that this plan will be fully implemented from March next year.

The number of digital payments has increased in the Corona era. Due to this, cyber attacks have also increased. In such a situation, people are not a victim of fraud and so that their transaction can be done safely, hence the use of the new QR code is necessary by the RBI. According to the Reserve Bank, payment system operators will have to shift to a QR code system, which can also be scanned by other payment operators. To spread awareness about the new codes, the payment system operators will have to start. Common people will be comfortable and the payment system will also be better than before.

How interoperable QR code will work
According to the RBI guidelines, it will be necessary for payment companies to use Interoperable QR Code. Interoperable QR will be code that can be read easily. The UPI QR and Bharat QR will continue as before. There are currently three types of QR codes Bharat QR, UPI QR and proprietary QR code in the country.


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