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Opportunity to invest in Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme, know what is the issue price, interest rate and discount


Opportunity to invest in sovereign gold bonds by 10 July. (Symbolic picture)

new Delhi:

The Government Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2020-21 has opened for subscription on Monday. This scheme has been opened for subscription for the fourth time so far this year. This time, an opportunity has been given till 10 July to invest in this scheme. However, this scheme will also open in August and September. In the midst of the uncertainty of the Kovid-19 pandemic, prices of gold are steadily rising, wealth managers say that investors can make good positions by investing in gold at this time. Investing in gold in small amounts is better for investors in terms of long-term.


Explain that Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs) are bonds issued by the government under the Sovereign Gold Bond programme, which are linked to the market price. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issues this on behalf of the government.

How to invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds?

Gold bonds can be invested in many ways. In this scheme, you can put money through public banks and private banks. At the same time, it can invest money through the post office, stock exchanges BSE and NSE and their agents, or through the stock holding corporation. The process of buying gold bonds is similar to putting money in gold exchange traded funds through the stock exchange. Once the transaction is completed, the bonds are transferred to the demat account of the investor.

What is bond price, interest rate

For the fourth installment of this bond, the issue price has been kept at Rs 4,852 per gram. At the same time, the interest rate i.e. interest rate has been kept at 2.5 percent per annum, which will be payable every six months.

Discount for online investors

Investors investing in the scheme through online medium will get a rebate of Rs 50 per gram.

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