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Now liquor became expensive in this state, the government imposed surcharge


After Delhi, UP, now the Rajasthan government has resorted to alcohol to overcome the financial crisis due to Corona epidemic. The Ashok Gehlot government of the state has once again imposed a surcharge on liquor to fill the government treasury. Earlier, on April 30, the government imposed additional excise duty. This made alcohol expensive. Due to the surcharge, now in Rajasthan liquor has become expensive up to Rs 30 per bottle.

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Surcharge has also been imposed on BIO along with foreign liquor made in India, beer, Rajasthan made liquor and country liquor. The state government has imposed this surcharge on the basis of the quantity of liquor per bottle. Surcharge has been imposed on Indian-made foreign liquor Rs 5 for 180 ml bottle and Rs 5 for 375 ml bottle. At the same time, 750 ml bottle will now be expensive by Rs 10.

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The government has also increased the surcharge by Rs 5 on the breeder, Rs 5 on miniatures and other packing. Surcharge has been increased by Rs 30 on a 750 mL bottle of BIO, Rs 20 on a 650 mL bottle of beer, 350 mL bottle of beer and 5 rupees on other packing. At the same time, surcharge of Rs 1.50 has been imposed on each bottle of country liquor and Rs 1.50 on bottle of Rajasthan made liquor.

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