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Now even after booking the gas, the hawker will not get the cylinder, will have to give the code


new Delhi. In view of the frequent black marketing and theft in LPG Cylinder, the government oil companies have issued some new strict rules. Which is now going to be converted into home delivery of cylinders. Through this rule, now even after booking gas from home, you will not be able to take the cylinder from the hawker unless you give them the code.

The delivery process of the cylinder will not be considered until you provide the code. This change will soon be implemented across the country. At present, this system is being run in two cities as a project. This new rule will only apply to domestic LPG cylinders. Commercial cylinders are excluded from this.

Delivery Authentication Code will be added
According to the information, the government oil companies are going to implement a new system to prevent cylinder theft from November. Under this system, now you will not get gas just by booking, the oil companies have planned to link the new system to the Delivery Authentication Code.

Code to be delivered to the delivery boy at the time of delivery
In this, after booking the cylinder, a code will appear on your registered mobile number. You have to give this code to the delivery boy at the time of delivery of the cylinder. Delivery will not be complete until you show the code. If your mobile number is not registered with the gas agency or if the number has changed, then you will be able to update it only after delivery. For this, an app will be provided to the delivery boy.

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