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Nia Sharma speaks when Naagin is out of 4 – find work after lockdown


The fourth season of Naagin, which has been a popular TV show, started with much fanfare. The show had Nia Sharma and Jasmine Bhasin in the lead roles. But then after some time Jasmine left the show and then Rashmi Desai entered the show. Due to the lockdown, shooting of all the shows has stopped and in the meantime recently news came that Nagin 4 is going to be closed and Nagin 5 will be brought soon. At the end of Naagin 4, Nia gave her reaction to this entire matter during an interview recently.

Talking to Times of India, Nia Sharma said, ‘Makers have taken this decision thoughtfully. I came to know about this a few days ago. I have no complaint with the show’s closure. The TV industry is going through a very bad time at the moment. We all have to start afresh. ‘

On the news that the show will be out of place due to fees, Nia said, ‘I take a hefty amount because of this I have not been removed from the show. If that were the case, he would not have made me a part of the show already. This situation has come due to lockdown. I am sorry to be separated from this show. Yes, now as soon as the situation will be normal, I will have to find work for myself.

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Rashmi said goodbye to the show …

At the same time Rashmi Desai tweeted goodbye to the show, ‘My journey in Naagin 4 was very good and thank you to the show’s team and Ekta Kapoor, who gave me a chance to join the show’.

Ekta confirms Nagin 5 by sharing video

Ekta shared the video and said, ‘I am being asked repeatedly whether Naagin 4 is ending or Naagin 5 is starting. So let me tell you that we are finishing Nagin 4 and will start shooting for Nagin 5 immediately. I could not focus on the fourth season of Naagin, but now in the next season we will do well and everyone will like it.

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