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Nestle India will give 1000 youth salary with internship, company made some such plan


new Delhi. Corona virus epidemic ( Coronavirus Pandemic ) And the bad impact on the economy is good news for the youth. Such a plan has been made by Nestle India, in which they will be given salary along with skill training. According to information given by Nestlé India, the first virtual internship program Nesternship (Virtual Internship Program Nesternship) is being launched to make the youth professionally efficient. Let us also tell you who can apply in this program. How to apply? What kind of youth will benefit there?

These people will get a chance to apply
In Nestlé’s virtual internship program ‘Nesternship’, students of the last year who are graduating from any subject can apply. Students selected for internship will be able to prepare themselves for employment after completing this internship. The special thing is that not only the country, but one of the largest companies in the world, the experience of working in Nestlé will benefit the youth while working in other companies. When the students have graduated, they will not face any problem in getting a job.

How can the application be made?
India’s largest internship and online training platform can be done through the Intershala to apply for a virtual internship program. Also one can apply for internship program through social media handle of Nestle India. In this program, 1000 youth will get the opportunity of virtual internship. Which will start from August 1 and will run for four consecutive months. Every month, 250 students will be filled with skills.

Will get salary
According to the company’s chairman and managing director Suresh Narayan, the company wants to help Youth in this difficult time. Through this internship program, the company wants to give youth an opportunity to develop their skills. The good thing is that they will also get a stipend for this from the company. Registrations for this internship begin on 8 July. Whose last date is 10 July.


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