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Navjot Singh Sidhu quits Rajya Sabha, jolt for BJP as AAP beckons


One of Navjot Singh Sidhu’s well known jokes is, “Pitches resemble spouses. You never know which way they will turn.” Well, what Sidhu the analyst said can now effortlessly be said in regards to Sidhu the government official: Nobody knows which way he will turn.

Only a couple of months in the wake of being designated to the Rajya Sabha by the BJP, Sidhu conveyed a googly and surrendered from Parliament on Monday. No one knows which way his legislative issues may turn now, however there is developing hypothesis that he would now be the AAP possibility for Punjab’s central priest.

Just a day or two ago, under flame for being a gathering of pariahs that can’t identify with the sensitivities and sensibilities of the Sikhs, Arvind Kejriwal hosted demonstrated that his get-together would put some individual from the group on the bleeding edge of the crusade. Sidhu could be his man of the match.

Despite the fact that Sidhu had bafflingly consented to the BJP’s Rajya Sabha offer, it was generally guessed that he was in chats with AAP as its hypothetical CM competitor. Be that as it may, the arrangement couldn’t be worked out due to inward contrasts in the AAP, where a few aspiring pioneers and groups were competing for the top employment.

In any case, the AAP’s hand appears to have been constrained by late occasions planned to depict the gathering as hostile to the Sikhs and heartless to the Panth. Right off the bat Monday morning, Kejriwal had shown up at the Golden Temple in Amritsar to wash utensils and perform seva. While his faultfinders marked it nautanki, Kejriwal was performing repentance for harming the religious notions of Sikhs in the course of recent weeks. By washing utensils, at the Akal Takht, he was looking for pardoning with the trust that the error doesn’t cost AAP the decision in Punjab.

A couple of weeks back, while discharging its race statement, the AAP enraged an area of Sikhs by putting the gathering’s image, sweeper, alongside a photo of the religious hallowed place. Around the same time, party pioneer Ashish Khetan looked at the AAP “youth statement” with the blessed book of Sikhs. This lead to a progression of dissents and protestations against the gathering. Clearly, Kejriwal can’t neglect every one of these increases by giving his voters a chance to stew over a mix-up his gathering made.

Be that as it may, Kejriwal needs to address another issue that is confronting his gathering: Lack of a trustworthy Sikh face to awe rustic voters and catch them far from the Akalis who rule the panthic talk in the state.

Kejriwal is watchful likewise of Captain Singh’s nearness. The Congress pioneer is right now on a gigantic effort program in the state in a last-pant push to pitch himself as the substance of the counter incumbency vote against the SAD-BJP join in the state. The AAP urgently needs a tenable, nearby heavyweight to counter the Patiala illustrious.

For as long as couple of months, Sidhu had been sulking a result of the BJP’s hesitance to consider his interest for snapping the union with Akalis. Strangely, however he had turned into a BJP parliamentarian, Sidhu hosted declined to crusade for the get-together in Punjab till it separates the Badals. He likewise demonstrated that his better half, Navjot Kaur Sidhu, a BJP MLA in Punjab, would not challenge the following Assembly races. That prompted a great deal of shame inside the BJP.

Unless he has a doosra up his sleeve, Sidhu is currently prone to turn up in the AAP group. What’s more, scope his previous companions out of Punjab with a floor brush.

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