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Mukesh Khanna lashed out at Tittock users for sharing the video, saying – vulgarity and inattentiveness is going on among the youth


Social media has a lot of craze among the youth. People are divided between Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and the rest of the platform. There has been a ruckus among people on social media after a video promoting Tiktok star Faizal Siddiqui’s ‘acid attack’. Ticketcock’s ratings have also seen a decline. Many Bollywood celebs have demanded a ban on the use of this app. And now Mukesh Khanna’s name has also been included in this list. Mukesh Khanna has recently shared a video, in which he is seen looting the users of this app.

Mukesh Khanna says that there is a lot to do in our life apart from spending time on this app. I am happy that this Chinese virus (ie this app) is coming out of our country and its rating is 4.5 to 1.3. I am happy that people are deleting their accounts from this app. Join this campaign to save the youth from perishing.

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Mukesh writes that in the Tiktok-Tiktok clock it is pleasant to listen. But for today’s young generation, to get a few moments of fame at home-locality-street-crossroads, ticketing in Sur-Besur seems to be a sense of absurdity. Corona is a Chinese virus. But it is also important to know that Tiktok is also of the same fraternity. Tiktok is the work of surplus people. And this is going to make them even more useless. Obscenity, obscenity, slutty are being penetrated through these vile videos in today’s youth. It must be closed. Glad I am being shown the way out of it. I am with this campaign.

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