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Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance suffered a major setback, loss of Rs 3 lakh crore


new Delhi. While another stock market is constantly touching a high, on the other hand, the shares of Reliance Industries, the largest company in the country, are witnessing a steady decline. From the last Friday of October to November, about Rs 3 lakh crore has been cleared from Reliance’s market cap. If we talk about last week, then the market cap of the top ten companies was Rs 91 thousand crore, out of which two-thirds of the loss was seen by Reliance. Let us also tell you how the market cap of Reliance has seen a decline since October.

The company’s market cap has been steadily falling since October
– November 23 to 27, the market cap of Reliance Industries decreased by Rs 60,829.21 crore to Rs 12,23,416.97 crore.

– 16 to 20 November Reliance Industries lost Rs 69,378.51 crore to its market cap and the market cap came down to Rs 12,84,246.18 crore.

RIL’s market capitalization declined from Rs 18,392.74 crore to Rs 13,53,624.69 crore from 09 to 13 November.

– The market capitalization of Reliance Industries declined from Rs 17,141.77 crore to Rs 13,72,017.43 crore from 02 to 06 November.

Between October 26 and 30, the market cap of the company declined by Rs 39,355.06 crore.

Between 19 and 23 October, the company’s market cap decreased by Rs 42,567.02 crore to Rs 14,28,514.26 crore.

Between October 12 and 16, the market cap of the company declined by Rs 39,355.06 crore.

– Since October, the market cap of Reliance Industries has suffered a loss of Rs 2,87,109.37 crore.

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Reliance shares fall drastically
On October 9, the company’s stock closed at Rs 2,236.60.

– On November 27, the company’s stock closed at Rs 1,941.00.

– Shares of the company fell by Rs 295.60 in 15 trading days.

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Other companies
– The market cap of five of the top 10 companies of the Sensex fell by Rs 91,699 crore collectively last week.

HDFC’s market valuation declined by Rs 13,703.75 crore to Rs 4,05,996.11 crore.

Bharti Airtel declined by Rs 11,020.23 crore to Rs 2,52,755.97 crore.

– ICICI Bank’s market position declined by Rs 5,090.54 crore to Rs 3,26,225.04 crore. The market capitalization of Infosys declined by Rs 1,055.27 crore to Rs 4,68,779.17 crore.

HDFC Bank’s market capitalization rose by Rs 20,482.86 crore to Rs 7,93,336.55 crore.

– Bajaj Finance’s valuation rose by Rs 11,181.01 crore to Rs 2,95,466.65 crore.

– TCS ‘market share increased by Rs 7,335.91 crore to Rs 10,05,320.15 crore.

– Hindustan Unilever’s market capitalization rose by Rs 4,135.22 crore to Rs 5,02,147.16 crore.

– Kotak Mahindra Bank’s market valuation rose by Rs 2,538.64 crore to Rs 3,76,485.84 crore.


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