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Mukesh Ambani, in preparation to repeat history, will sell deals to Amazon for 9.9% in retail business


New Delhi: Reliance Industries (RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD) has been surprising everyone by moving from one deal to one for the last 2 months. We are going to do it again. According to an English channel, amazon.com can buy a 9.9% stake in Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail. Reliance Retail is a part of Reliance Industries limited and we already told you that now After Jio Digital platform, Mukesh Ambani is going to focus on increasing the retail business.

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You may know that at the 43rd Reliance AGM, Reliance Industries had announced that Reliance will sell its stake in the retail business, just as they have sold their stake in the Jio platform. The sale of stake in the Jio platform began with the sale of a stake of 9.9% to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Amazon will buy a stake in Reliance Retail for Jio Mart. Through this, Amazon will get preferential access to Jio Mart. Jio Mart is an e-commerce company of Reliance’s retail arm.

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Deal sign in lockdown Reliance Industries has raised about $ 20 billion since April this year. Companies like Google and Facebook have bought stakes in it. Thanks to these deals, the company declared itself debt-free ahead of time. Now once again, Ambani has started deals in retail business. It will be seen that this sequence will stop and what new writing will be written in the history of the company.


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