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Mother Lakshmi will be kind before Diwali, earn millions by bidding 1 rupee note


new Delhi. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped on Diwali so that wealth can be obtained. But you can get this chance before the festival. In fact, these days the auction of old notes and coins is being done fast on the e-commerce site Indiamart. In which buyers are taking these by paying the asked price. These days, one rupees old note is in great demand. This note is from the year 1917.

It is said that this one rupee note has good value in the international market. This is a rare currency for those who make a collection of old items. They can spend up to millions of rupees to buy it. Therefore, you can put it in the auction by putting a picture and detail of the note on the e-commerce website. Usually it costs up to 1 lakh rupees, but it can also be bid more.

Note feature
The printing of the first one rupee note began on November 30, 1917. The note had a photo of King George V. It is said that for the first time in 1926, printing of one rupee note was stopped. It was later reintroduced in 1940. However, printing of one rupee note was stopped again in 1994. After this, it started again in 2015.

Demand for special series notes too
Even on the e-commerce site e-bay, you can earn money by selling rare currency. If you have a (786) number note, you can earn lakhs of rupees from it. Apart from this, on 1 or 10 rupee note you will also get strong profits. Those who have such a rupee note which was printed in 1917. Instead you will get 10,250 rupees. Similarly, those who have an old 10 rupee note which was printed in 1951. The note was in white and light blue, you can earn millions by selling it. It is considered a very rare currency. Therefore, on bidding this note, you will get up to 1 lakh rupees.


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