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Modi government will help for Honey Business, will earn 1 lakh in a month


New Delhi: To improve the deteriorating economy due to Corona, Modi government (Modi Govt) is focusing more on local and micro, small and small scale industries (MSMEs). The government believes that this is the time when India can become self-sufficient. One of the small industries that the government has announced to help is Honey Processing ie HONEY PRODUCTION.

Modi Government (Modi Govt) has given assistance of 500 crores for beekeeping. This will create infrastructure for beekeeping and will increase the income of 2 lakh parents engaged in this business. It is not that the government has taken any step for this industry for the first time, but under the Honey Mission of the Central Government, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has started raising bees to farmers and unemployed youths of the country in less than two years. Has given more than one lakh boxes.

So if you also want to do some of your business, then you can put Honey House and Honey Processing Plant (HONEY BUSINESS IN INDIA) in India. Under the Honey Mission, the government will easily provide loans and other facilities for this work.

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Government will give full help If you want to install a honey processing plant, then Khadi and Village Industries Commision gives you 65 percent loan, along with this Khadi Village Industry also provides 25 percent subsidy for this work, that is, you have to pay only 10 percent money. Does matter.

How much loan will the government give It costs about 24 lakh rupees to produce 20 thousand kilograms of honey. The government can easily give you a loan of up to 16 lakh rupees (Govt Loan). Apart from this, you will get 6.15 lakh rupees in the form of margin money and you have to invest only about 2.35 lakh rupees on your behalf. KYIC claims that if a person completes this target, even after getting the price of 250 rupees, the person withdraws all the loans and the rest of the cost, even then the income of 13 lakh rupees is sure.


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