Menchie’s – The New kind of Healthy Frozen Yogurt

Now eating healthy is fun, Menchie’s, a premium American self-service frozen yogurt brand is now open in Indira Nagar, Bangalore. With more than 150 rotating flavours, one would probably encounter new flavours each time they visit. Every creation at Menchie’s is unique as one gets to make their imagination as per their specific preference.  They have a wide range of offerings such as regular, non- fat, gluten-free, tart, sorbet and no-sugar-added flavours for all the health conscious dessert lovers out there.

Frozen Yogurt Frozen Yogurt in indiranagar

Menchie’s made its way into the Indian market around 2012 and having stores spread across, covers Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Menchie’s has brought about a revolution in the country’s frozen yogurt space.  The basic idea is to create your bowl of imagination with the different flavours and toppings, which would be weighed and priced accordingly.  This is a place where one can walk into the store and take on the role of mix-masters to whip up desserts that will be like an instant dose of happiness for them.

Just as how healthy it sounds, it for sure is fun and doesn’t taste like yogurt much. With a slight line of difference, one would find it difficult that it isn’t ice cream.  One must make their way down to the store and find the magical world of yogurt said by Sajidaa, one of the customers at the store.

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