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Meet these women, who are earning 87 lakh rupees every year by selling milk, know how


new Delhi.
Self-sufficient women are earning lakhs of rupees by selling milk (milk business) in the Coronavirus due to the employment crisis. Demand for milk is always there, which is why there is no effect of recession in milk business. Recently Amul Dairy has released a list of 10 women from Gujarat (Gujrat) who became Milk Selling millionaires. RS Sodhi, chairman of Amul Dairy, shared information about 10 Lakhpati women entrepreneurs on Twitter. During this, he told that these women earned millions by selling milk to Amul last year.

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Women’s shining luck
RS Sodhi said that these women are engaged in dairy and animal husbandry business. There are many women who are involved in this business. These women are earning lakhs of rupees from dairy milk. He said, Chaudhary Nawalben earned Rs. 87.95 lakh by selling 2,21,595 kg of milk last year. At the same time, Malvi Kanuben Rawatbhai earned Rs 73.56 lakh by selling 2,50,745 kg of milk. Chavda Hansaba Himmat Singh earned Rs 72.19 lakh. Similarly, Loh Gangaben Ganeshbhai earned Rs 64.46 lakh by selling about 2 lakh kg of milk. Rawabdi Devikaben has earned Rs 62.20 lakh from 1.79 lakh kg of milk.

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Earning over 5 lakhs every month
The name of Lilaben Rajput is also included in the list of Lakhpati. He earned 60.87 lakh rupees by selling milk. Bismillabhen Umatia has secured the 7th position by earning Rs 58.10 lakh. Sajiben Choudhary sold 196862.6 kg milk to Amul and earned Rs 56.63 lakh from it. Nafisaben Aglodia earned Rs 53.66 from milk. Dhulia also collected 179274.5 kg milk and earned Rs 52,02,396.82.

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