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Mark Zuckerberg did this charisma for the first time, know who became involved


new Delhi. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg) has reached the third position in the list of the richest people in the world and he has joined the list of people with a wealth of $ 100 billion for the first time. According to the report of the foreign media company, there was a sharp jump in the shares of the company (Facebook Share Price) on Thursday. Because of which, Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth got increased. However, according to Forbes’ list, Mark’s assets have again come down to $ 100 billion. Due to fluctuations in stocks, the property of industrialists keeps on fluctuating.

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Increase in company shares
According to media reports, on Thursday, during the release of TickLock’s contestant Reels App, the shares of the company rose more than 7 percent. After which the wealth of Facebook founder increased. Mark Zuckerberg holds 13 percent of the shares in Facebook. Let me tell you that this year Facebook shares have seen tremendous growth. Because of which his wealth has increased by $ 22 billion. While Jeff Bezos’ wealth has increased by $ 75 billion.

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Join Bill Gates and Zuckerberg’s list
On Thursday, he joined the club of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, with Mark Zuckerberg having assets of $ 100 billion. At that time, both of them had fallen below the 100 billion Bannard family’s wealth in this list of centibilniers. Whereas today, the Forbes list went on to see that Facebook Founder could stay on this list for a while and later the Banart family came in third with $ 100 billion in assets. Currently Facebook Founder is currently number four with $ 97.5 billion.

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Facebook share price
By the way, on the Nasdaq index, the major stock market on the US stock market closed at $ 265 with 6.49 percent. While the company has a market cap of $ 755.73 billion. According to experts, the company has released a product named Reels in the Opposition of Ticktock, which will work completely like Ticktock. This is why the company’s shares have seen a surge. In the coming days, the company’s shares may see further rise.


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