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Many banks like SBI, PNB, UCO will remain closed in the month of March, know what is the reason


New Delhi. The month of March is the last month of the financial year. In this month where all companies have to fix their records. At the same time, banks also have to correct their books. Apart from this, big festivals like Mahashivratri and Holi are also held in this last fiscal month. If you talk about the banks’ holiday, then you can find a lock hanging on the doors of the banks for 11 days. In such a situation, you should get the bank related work done in this festive month as soon as possible. Let us also tell you on which date of the month from which bank will be closed.

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Banks will remain closed these days and for reasons

The date Due to bank closure
5 March All the banks in Aizawl will remain closed due to the arcade.
11 March Due to Maha Shivaratri, there will be banks in 20 states of the country.
15 March Some bank unions have announced to go on strike. Has announced a 2-day strike from 15 March. The second Saturday before the strike is on Saturday and Sunday on March 14. That is, in some states, the bank may remain closed for 4 consecutive days.
22 March Banks will remain closed in the state for 2 consecutive days on the occasion of Bihar Day.
29 and 30 March Holi is a festival on both these days. Before this, the second Saturday is on 27 March and Sunday on 28 March. Banks will be closed for 4 consecutive days in some states of the country.

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