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Manisha Koirala sleeps due to Corona, the actress asked for suggestions from people on Twitter


Actress Manisha Koirala tweeted that the Kovid-19 epidemic changed her sleep patterns. She wakes up at midnight due to an epidemic. The actress wrote in her post, “This epidemic changed my sleep patterns. Now, even after midnight, I stay awake, just like a baby who is not ready to sleep.”

Reacting to the Manisha Koirala post, some people even gave her suggestions. His post is becoming very viral on social media. A user requests him to explain this to his mother, as she scolds him for getting up late every day.

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To this Manisha replies that she too scolds her mother for waking up late! At the same time, a user asked him if he was not on the Keto diet, perhaps due to this he was complaining of insomnia, to which he said, ‘Absolutely not. Many users also agreed with the actress that her sleep also flew amid lockdown.

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