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GoodTime NationJune 16, 2017


Petrol pump dealers of Delhi have almost completed their preparations to implement the scheme for daily changes in petrol and diesel prices. In this, a dealer himself will come to the petrol pump at 6 in the morning and by inserting the secret code in the machines, will update the rate, while some have made the responsibility of their managers. However, most of the petrol pump owners say that one major problem in this system is that not all petrol pumps are connected to the servers of oil companies.

In such a situation, the system with automatic rate change could not be implemented. Pump dealers will have to change the rate of oil by visiting pumps every day at their level. In this case, All India Petroleum Dealers Association President Ajay Bansal and Treasurer Nitin Goyal said that only 30 percent of the 398 petrol pumps in Delhi are connected to the servers of IOC, BPC and HPC Oil companies. The rest will have to be manually changed. Nevertheless, the new system of change of rates will be effective from 6 a.m. on June 16.

We are ready for this. Another petrol pump owner, Sudhir Gupta, said that on the first day the prices of petrol and diesel are expected to decrease. It can be from one to one and a half rupees. He also told that it is not that there will be a huge difference in oil prices on every petrol pump. It will depend on different companies but their prices will vary from five to ten paise per litre.

For example, if the IOC company has increased the price of oil by one rupee per litre then there will be as many petrol pumps as IOC in Delhi. All of them will have the same rate as the IOC has issued. But it may be that there is a difference of money on BPC and HPC petrol pumps. But this difference will not be too much. Petrol pump dealers say that every day new rates we have to put on our notice board of our petrol pumps, i.e. where the sale and stock are written. As well in the machines, it will be changed.

Shahrukh AhmedJune 15, 2017


Do you park your car on the roadside around your house? If your answer is yes, then you have to be ready to pay a huge tax to the Delhi Government. This is because the Delhi Government is going to propose a new policy regarding road-side parking. Not only this, but it is also proposed to charge more fees for parking made during the day time and in the peak hours in the new parking policy made for Delhi. Under this rule, there will be a difference in parking fees during weekdays and weekends.

Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal has approved this policy. Now this policy will be kept open for public and other participants’ views for a month. Around one crore vehicles are registered in Delhi, which is spreading record pollution. About nine and a half lakh of these vehicles are private and mostly stand on the side of the road. Due to which there is a lot of traffic jam in Delhi. In its new policy, the government has proposed to take action on these vehicles.

Under the new parking policy, some cars to be parked outside the house will be decided based on plot size; additional parking will be charged if more parking is to be done.

Road tax will be increased to discourage people from purchasing more than one car, and whoever buys more than one car, his road tax will automatically increase. Those who have more than two cars will have to pay a lot of parking fees. If cars have been parked on commercial roads like commercial area, parking fees will be charged even more.

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