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GoodTime NationNovember 14, 2017


Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and is also currently the number one in Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology.  The biggest advantage of Bitcoin is that it’s not under control of central authority, government or private company, so people are free from paying transaction fees. This is the reason that Bitcoin became so popular. Many Countries have also accepted it as a digital currency and have Bitcoin ATM’s. The price for one Bitcoin at the moment is $6,727 and it’s growing continuously, recently it has also touched around $8,000. Here are the 25+ amazing bitcoin facts you should know.

Satoshi Nakamoto

1. Nobody Knows the Real Name or Have a Picture of Bitcoin Creator.


5.9 Billion Bitcoin

2. As of 21st October 2017, Nakamoto, Creator of Bitcoin Holds $5.9 Billion Worth of Bitcoins.


Bitcoin Creator was Nominated for Nobel Prize

3. In 2015, Satoshi Nakamoto Was Nominated for Nobel Prize in Economic Science.


4. No Single Entity or Government Has Control Over the Bitcoin Currency.


5. In September 2017, BTC Circulation Was 16.5 Million Currency, Currently Its 16.6 Million. The Maximum Can Be 21 Million.

Manasi SinghSeptember 29, 2017


A stampede on the foot over bridge of Elphinstone Railway station in Mumbai killed 22 people and injured 40 to 45 people. There was a huge crowd on the bridge too. The incident is around 11 o’clock in the morning. The injured have been admitted to KEM Hospital.

The president Ramnath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have expressed grief over the incident. Those who died in this accident will get a compensation of 10 lakh rupees. 5 lakhs will be given by the state government and Rs. 5 lakhs on behalf of the railways. The compensation received from the Railways has been announced by Railway Minister Piyush Goyal. Apart from this, the Railway Minister has announced to give Rs. 1 lakh to the seriously injured and Rs. 50 thousand to the minorly injured persons.

After reaching Mumbai railway minister Piyush Goyal expressed deep condolences to the people killed in the stampede and ordered a high-level inquiry of the accident.

At the same time, Minister of Maharashtra, Vinod Tawde has talked about the financial assistance of five lakh rupees to the families of those were killed in the accident. The State Government has announced the full expenditure for the treatment of the injured.

Helpline number has been issued from KEM Hospital. 022-24107000 | 24136051 | 24107020 | 24131419.

In addition, the disaster management, fire brigade team also came to the rescue the people. It is being told that due to the rumor of the bridge collapses, the people started running and the accident has become even bigger due to slippery on the bridge. After the stampede, many women became unconscious.

These reasons for the accident are being reported-

short circuit
There was rumor spreading about the short circuit between heavy rains. Investigators of the accident said that due to rumor, mischief erupted and people suddenly ran away, People were standing on the bridge to avoid the rain.

More crowd

Due to the holiday on Friday the crowd was more at the station and people were present in much larger number at the stations. Because of this, the accident has become quite big.

People immediately engaged in relief work

People present at the spot told that the people gathered immediately in the relief and rescue operation after the incident happened at 10:30 in the morning. People started helping each other until police and hospital facilities reached them. A Thakkar, a passenger present at the scene, said “We picked them up and took them to the vehicles.:

Demand to repair the bridge
Following the accident on Friday, the finger is on the railway administration. Earlier also demand has been made to improve the crispy condition of Footover Bridge at Elphinstone Road Station.

It is said that 200 to 250 people pass through the bridge every minute. Earlier, the bridge was warned that it could be a victim of a major accident. But this was not given due attention from the administration.

On this case, the police say that the incident is under investigation. Meanwhile, the Western Railway has said that the medical team has reached the spot and assistance is provided to the injured. Senior officials are monitoring the relief and rescue work at the station.

GoodTime NationSeptember 8, 2017


China: On September 4th China took a major decision of banning ICO for raising funds for the project. This news resulted in the market crash in crypto currency. Today the central bank ” The People’s Bank of China” has released a news about imposing the ban on initial coin offering as well as the trading.

Based on the source: PBC

IV Financial Institutions and Non-Bank Payment Institutions Shall Not Conduct Businesses Related to Coin Offering Fundraising and Trading

Financial institutions and non-bank payment institutions shall not directly or indirectly provide product or services such as account opening, registration, trading, clearing and settlement for fundraising through coin offering/“virtual currencies”; or insure businesses related to tokens/“virtual currencies” or include tokens/“virtual currencies” in the insurance coverage. Once clues of illegal coin offering fundraising and trading is identified, financial institutions and non-bank payment institutions shall promptly report to the departments concerned.


Which means no exchange would now be allowed to trade with China resident. Also, the Chinese resident won’t be allowed to trade cryptocurrency in china or from other exchange across the world.

This ban could highly effect as it major mining companies is from china because of the low power consumption. Which means the price of popular currencies like ether and bitcoin is about to tumble.

Meanwhile, most of the Twitterati posted that the Exchange like Okcoin and Huobi hasn’t received any official notice from the PBC and are operating currently.

So keep calm and wait for the latest development on the crypto.

Anupreet KaurJune 28, 2017


Due to heavy rains, water logging has started in Mumbai and its suburbs. Due to heavy rains at Mankhurd station in Mumbai, the transportation was affected due to the sloping of soil below the railway track. A train stayed on this route from 8 to 9 in the morning.

However, seeing the growing crowd of people, the train was started. However, the work of repairing the track of every second train is underway.

Due to the rain, the trees fell on several places on the Mumbai-Goa highway, due to which many kilometres of jam was seen on the road. Also, the speed of the local train running on the Central and Western routes has slowed down.

According to the Meteorological Department, there will be heavy rains and waves for the next 24 hours. There is a mist like a situation in the ocean due to humidity.

On Tuesday Between 12 to 1 in the afternoon, 11 mm in Dadar, 24 mm in Vikroli, 14 mm in Kurla, 18 mm in Dindoshi, 13 mm in Goregaon and Andheri, 11 mm in BKC and 10 mm in Bandra rain was measured in these areas

On Wednesday, around 3.15 pm High tide alert was announced, in which waves up to 4.5 to 5 meters can rise. To enjoy the weather, people are gathering for fun on the banks of the coast.`

Shivani ReddyJune 28, 2017


Vivo, a mobile manufacturer company, acquired the title sponsorship rights of the Indian Premier League with a major bid of Rs 2,199 crore on Tuesday (June 27) for the next five years. This amount is 554 percent more than the previous agreement. This is the biggest sponsorship deal in any sport in India. Before this, the Oppo had secured the jersey rights of the Indian cricket team for Rs 1,079 crore. This deal was also this year.

“The top global producer of smartphones made a bid of 2199 crores, which is 554 percent more than the previous contract,” the BCCI said in the statement. The upcoming five IPL season (2018-2022) will have extensive support between Vivo and IPL for sports competition, field activity and marketing campaign.

For this contract, Vivo will spend about 440 crores every year. The BCCI had last month invited a tender for IPL title sponsorship for the period from August 1, 2017, to July 31, 2022. Vivo had acquired title rights for the 2016 to 2017 season. This agreement was based on an estimated 100 million per annum.

On this agreement, IPL Chairman Rajiv Shukla said, “We are happy that Vivo is once again associated with us as the IPL title sponsor for the next five years. The deal with Vivo has been excellent in the last two sessions, and I am sure they will make it bigger and better.”

Jatin Paranjpe, the founder of online sports aggregator khelomore and former cricketer, said, “I was not surprised by Vivo’s bid. Cricket is the favourite sport of Indians. Young people are passionate about IPL. In such a way, the brand gets an opportunity to make brand presence between them. This is a good deal for Vivo.” Paranjape has been heading sports marketing for Nike in India for some time. He said that the company that receives Title Sponsorship Deal does not need to do different promotions because the name of the league will be the Vivo IPL.

To renew the contract, Vivo left behind another mobile manufacturer Oppo, which according to the reports had bid for Rs.1430 crores. Vivo had earlier secured title rights in place of Pepsi.

Apart from the IPL, Vivo is also the primary sponsor of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) for five years. This agreement was announced in May this year. Contract amount between Vivo and PKL is 300 crores.

Aparnna HajirnisJune 26, 2017


New Delhi: With less than a week left for GST implementation across the nation. Individual and companies in most of the states are yet to complete the enrollment process for the GST. The government have given 3 months time for existing taxpayers to enrol under GST, while the new business resignation will be made under GST only.

As per the data on GST site, Karnataka and Telangana are the states where the GST enrollment is 100% complete. While Assam, Punjab, Rajasthan and Kerala will touch the 100% status very soon.

Gujarat where the clothing industry is angry over the new tax slab of 5% percent. Cloth markets in Gujarat today observed bandh against the Centre’s proposed 5 per cent levy on these two items under the new tax regime. Cloth market across the cities in Gujarat remained shut demanding to roll back of GST imposed on yarn and fabric.

New registration of GST is now available on https://reg.gst.gov.in/registration/. If you have enrolled but had some issues to complete the process can now re-apply with proper validation.

Aparnna HajirnisJune 22, 2017


Bengaluru has become the first city in the country where diesel, will be transported to the people house same as the milk, newspaper. Recently, the Central Government as per the news was planning to launch such a scheme, but it has not happened yet.

Started a year ago, MyPetrolPump Startup has introduced this feature called ‘Dieselwala’. This startup has just launched three vehicles, whose capacity is 950 litres. So far, 5 thousand litres of diesel deliveries have been done through these three vehicles. The diesel is being provided with that day’s price and fixed delivery charges to the people.

Up to 100 litres, the delivery charge of 99 for diesel is set. For this, people have to pay diesel price and more than Rs 1 per litre. The startup has got 20 more customers, out of which there are 16 schools (250-300 buses), and some are apartments. To order diesel at home, anyone can order it online, phone calls or download a free app.

Student of IIT Dhanbad and Founder of MyPetrolPump Ashish Kumar Gupta said, “We are in touch with the Petroleum Ministry since September 2016. After explaining to the officials about our plans, we met twice minister Dharmendra Pradhan. He appreciated this beginning.”


Rahul RathoreJune 18, 2017


Brand Amma is going to be bigger now. The AIADMK government has announced on Friday that it is going to open Amma Petrol pumps in several parts of the state including Chennai. State Food and Consumer Protection Minister R Kamaraj said that this facility would be started in government godowns.

The Civil Supplies Department has 221 warehouses in the state.Minister R Kamaraj said, keeping in mind the needs of the people, we will start the petrol pump with the oil marketing companies. At the moment, these outlets will be opened in 9 districts of the state.

Ten petrol pumps outlets will be opened at Chennai, Nagapattinam, Salem, Thanjavur, Madurai, Villupuram, Vellore, Thiruvarur and Karur, food and civil supplies minister R. Kamaraj said

In the tenure of former state Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, the government had started a scheme called ‘Amma’ because her supporters called Jaya as Amma. This includes plans related to a canteen, drinking water, cement, salt, baby care kits, call centres and pharmacy. The Minister of State has always been proud of the achievements of Amma Schemes. So far 111 Amma Pharmacy has been opened in the state, where consumers get medicines with a discount of 15%.

Amma canteen which was inaugurated in 2013, serves South Indian food including idli, saambar rice, curd rice, Pongal, lemon rice, curry leaf rice and also chappati. The dishes are offered at low prices: ₹1 for an idli, ₹5 for a plate of sambar rice, ₹5 for a plate of “Karuvapellai Satham” (Curry leaves rice) and ₹3 for a plate of curd rice.

All the scheme under Amma is offered at a subsidised rate, though Minister R Kamaraj have not said anything about the subsidy on the fuel provided under this scheme.


GoodTime NationJune 16, 2017


Petrol pump dealers of Delhi have almost completed their preparations to implement the scheme for daily changes in petrol and diesel prices. In this, a dealer himself will come to the petrol pump at 6 in the morning and by inserting the secret code in the machines, will update the rate, while some have made the responsibility of their managers. However, most of the petrol pump owners say that one major problem in this system is that not all petrol pumps are connected to the servers of oil companies.

In such a situation, the system with automatic rate change could not be implemented. Pump dealers will have to change the rate of oil by visiting pumps every day at their level. In this case, All India Petroleum Dealers Association President Ajay Bansal and Treasurer Nitin Goyal said that only 30 percent of the 398 petrol pumps in Delhi are connected to the servers of IOC, BPC and HPC Oil companies. The rest will have to be manually changed. Nevertheless, the new system of change of rates will be effective from 6 a.m. on June 16.

We are ready for this. Another petrol pump owner, Sudhir Gupta, said that on the first day the prices of petrol and diesel are expected to decrease. It can be from one to one and a half rupees. He also told that it is not that there will be a huge difference in oil prices on every petrol pump. It will depend on different companies but their prices will vary from five to ten paise per litre.

For example, if the IOC company has increased the price of oil by one rupee per litre then there will be as many petrol pumps as IOC in Delhi. All of them will have the same rate as the IOC has issued. But it may be that there is a difference of money on BPC and HPC petrol pumps. But this difference will not be too much. Petrol pump dealers say that every day new rates we have to put on our notice board of our petrol pumps, i.e. where the sale and stock are written. As well in the machines, it will be changed.

Shahrukh AhmedJune 15, 2017


Do you park your car on the roadside around your house? If your answer is yes, then you have to be ready to pay a huge tax to the Delhi Government. This is because the Delhi Government is going to propose a new policy regarding road-side parking. Not only this, but it is also proposed to charge more fees for parking made during the day time and in the peak hours in the new parking policy made for Delhi. Under this rule, there will be a difference in parking fees during weekdays and weekends.

Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal has approved this policy. Now this policy will be kept open for public and other participants’ views for a month. Around one crore vehicles are registered in Delhi, which is spreading record pollution. About nine and a half lakh of these vehicles are private and mostly stand on the side of the road. Due to which there is a lot of traffic jam in Delhi. In its new policy, the government has proposed to take action on these vehicles.

Under the new parking policy, some cars to be parked outside the house will be decided based on plot size; additional parking will be charged if more parking is to be done.

Road tax will be increased to discourage people from purchasing more than one car, and whoever buys more than one car, his road tax will automatically increase. Those who have more than two cars will have to pay a lot of parking fees. If cars have been parked on commercial roads like commercial area, parking fees will be charged even more.

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