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Like e-commerce site, you will now be able to shop from Youtube, these new features will be added


new Delhi. By the way, Youtube is known as a big platform of entertainment. People watch music videos to movies, etc. But now you can also do online shopping here like the website of e-commerce companies. Actually Google is going to convert it into a shopping hub very soon. New features will also be added for this, so that people will be able to shop while watching videos easily.

Recently YouTube has asked creators to tag and track product features in their video clips using Youtube software. It will then be linked to Google’s parent company with analytics and shopping tools. A video category of the product will also be created for this. Customers will be able to buy it easily by clicking on the items listed here. Currently this work is at testing level. It will be launched soon.

According to media reports, YouTube is testing a different Shopify Inc. This is a shopping feature. Products that will be made available for sale will be controlled by the manufacturer. It may be known that Google’s marketing budget has been greatly affected in the Corona era. In such a situation, the company is planning to start shopping on YouTube to lift the business. Since most of the people are shopping online in this phase of epidemic, this step is being taken by the company in view of the growth in this area.


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