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LIC’s brilliant plan, earnings will continue throughout life, know full details


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LIC Jeevan Akshay vii Annuity Policy: Life Insurance Corporation of India, the most trusted company in the country, is the first choice of investors. Millions of people have invested in LIC. Your investment here is completely safe, as it is a government-run company. Also, investing in LIC (LIC Policy) gives many benefits to customers in future. LIC has come up with a new annuity plan for its customers. With this scheme, you can earn throughout your life. This plan can be purchased both online and offline. The name of this plan is Jeevan Akshay-7 Annuity.

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Benefits of Jeevan Akshay-7 Annuity Scheme
LIC has launched Jeevan Akshay-7 Annuity Scheme (Plan No. 857). It is a single premium non-linked, non-participating and personal annuity scheme. In this scheme, anyone from the age of 30 to 85 years can avail. The special thing is that the disabled can also benefit in this scheme. The policy holder also gets the loan facility, which can be taken after three months of the policy.

Minimum investment of one lakh
To avail this scheme one has to invest at least one lakh rupees. This policy can be purchased annually, 6 months, 3 months and one month in annuity. The minimum annuity is Rs 12,000 annually. The maximum amount that can be invested in this scheme.

They will get more benefit
If someone invests more than 5 lakhs in this scheme, then they also get incentive in the form of increase in annuity rate. Let us tell you that by investing interest on the amount invested in annuity scheme, there is a big income after a fixed time. After a lump sum investment, such schemes regularly have a fixed income.

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Who can apply
More than one person from the same family can benefit in this policy. Under this scheme, a joint life annuity can be taken between two people, descendants of the same family, spouse or siblings.

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