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LIC Scheme: Get up to 10 thousand monthly pension just by paying premium, do this work to get a policy


new Delhi. It is very important to start saving now for a safe future. But in which policy to invest, this is an important decision. In such a situation, most customers prefer to take LIC policies. Because there is little risk of risk. So if you want to meet your needs with a pension after a certain time, then LIC Jeevan Shanti policy is a better scheme. There are two types of options in this. The first is an intermediate annuity and the second is the deferred annuity.

In an intermediate annuity, the customer can avail the pension facility immediately after taking the Lisi. At the same time, the option of deferred annuity provides pension facility after 5,10,15 or 20 years of taking the policy. In this policy you get another better option, by choosing which you can get rid of the hassle of filling the installments repeatedly. This policy can be purchased both offline and online.

Know how much pension will be received
The amount of pension under Jeevan Shanti policy depends on your investment, age and differential period. If a person starts a pension after 5 years on an investment of 10 lakhs, then it gets a pension of Rs 9,1800 per annum with a return of 9.18%. In this, annual rates will be guaranteed while taking the policy for both immediate and annuity options. This policy can be taken for a minimum of 30 years and maximum 85 years.

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