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Lending to the poor will make it easier to do WhatsApp planning with banks


new Delhi. Now whatsapp (WhatsApp) will also provide the facility of sending messages, and will soon provide loan facility to the needy people. For this, it is also partnering with the country’s banks. This information was given by the company’s India head Abhijeet Bose at the Global Fintech Fest. He said that the company has been preparing it for the last one year. Let us also tell you what more information was given by them on their behalf.

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Whats app will increase the reach of financial products
Whats app has also become quite serious with products like insurance, micro credit and pension schemes. She will work as a partner with Indian banks to expand the reach of these products to the general public. According to the company’s India head Abhijeet Bose, it will also support new initiatives by testing potential solutions to solve problems related to financial products. According to Bose, WhatsApp has been working with banking partners for more than a year to speed up the pace of financial outreach across various segments and geographies of the country, along with improving their digital presence.

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Initiative to make banking service easier
Abhijeet Bose said that the company is ready to work with more and more banks. In the current year, we will work to simplify and expand banking services. At the same time, people are thinking of targeting the rural areas, especially the poor sections. According to Bose, in the next 3 years, the collective objective is to be able to help low-wage workers in the unorganized informal economy have access to insurance, micro-loans and pensions.

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