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Last chance to buy cheap gold today, here gold is getting 1150 rupees less than the market price


Gold Price Today: If you want to invest in gold, you can buy even cheaper gold on Friday, June 12 than the bullion market. Modi government is giving you the last chance. On Thursday, the price of 10 grams of gold in the bullion market was Rs 47,419 and today the Modi government is selling you gold at the rate of only Rs 4,677 per gram. In this way, the price of 10 grams of gold is falling to Rs 4,6770. That is, 10 grams of gold is making you 649 rupees cheaper than the market price. If you add the discount then it will be cheaper by Rs 1149.

Explain that you will not get this gold in physical form, that is, the form in which you take it from jewelers, you will not get it. It will be received in the form of Sovereign Gold Bond. Through this scheme you can invest in one gram to 500 grams of gold till June 12. On purchasing it online, it will get a discount of Rs 50 per gram or Rs 500 per 10 gram.

Where and how to get

In the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme, a person can buy up to 500 grams of gold bonds in a financial year. There is a minimum investment of one gram. You can save tax by investing in this scheme. Bonds will be banned for sale to trustee individuals, HUFs, trusts, universities and charitable institutions. The maximum subscription limit would be 4 kg per person, 4 kg for HUF and 20 kg for trusts and the same per financial year (April-March).

SGB ​​will be sold through banks (excluding small finance banks and payment banks), stock holding corporation of India (SHCIL), designated post offices and recognized stock exchanges (NSE and BSE).

The price of gold in the form of sovereign gold bonds has been fixed by the Reserve Bank. Explain that you can invest between June 8 to 12 under the third installment of Sovereign Gold Bond of Modi government at the rate of Rs 4,677 per gram. Its installment will be released on 16 June. Earlier, there were record investments in the April and May series. On purchasing it online, it will get a discount of Rs 50 per gram or Rs 500 per 10 gram.

What is Sovereign Gold Bond

In Sovereign Gold Bonds, the investor does not get gold in physical form. It is safer than physical gold. As far as purity is concerned, its accuracy cannot be doubted due to being in electronic form. It will be subject to long term capital gains tax after three years (Capital gains tax will not be levied till maturity) while you can use it for loan. If you talk about redemptions, you can redeem it anytime after five years.

2.5% guaranteed fixed interest

It is also important to know that the duration of these bonds is 8 years and premature withdrawal can be done only after the 5th year. Its most important thing is that the investor gets the benefit of increasing the price of gold. Also, they get a guaranteed fixed interest of 2.5% on the investment amount.

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