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Kodak to start second shift in Coronavirus, company to produce generic drugs


new Delhi : Kodak, which manufactures camera and shooting equipment, is now preparing to enter the pharma sector. In the wake of Corona pandemic, it has announced a deal to produce generic drugs to cover itself. President of the United States Donald Trump ( Donald trump ) Did. With this announcement, the company’s shares rose 318% to $ 25.26.

PM Modi once again favored MSMEs, said to give more loans to banks

During the trading on July 29, the company’s stock rose by 570% after which the value of one share reached $ 60. However, due to the market being wall tiles, the business had to stop 20 times before the city had increased by 203% on 28 July.

Government extends bidding date for BPCL for third time; Government is selling entire stake

US government will give loan –The US government has approved a loan of $ 7650 to the Kodak company. The loan is being given to the company for production under the Defense Production Act. Now the company is ready to make basic ingredients of drugs to combat coronavirus.

Talking about the Kodak Company, in 1975 Steven Section Engineer of Eastman Kodak attempted to make the first digital camera. This fashion camera is recognized as a digital stand snapper. The camera weighed about 4 kg.


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