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Know what the government says before plunging into the cycle of online free offers


Many people lose their deposits or get their important data to Sarbar thugs due to online free offer. It has just been reported that the necessary information of about three crore people seeking jobs has been leaked. At the same time, identity cards of about 2,000 Indians have also been leaked. To protect you from such incidents, the Twitter handle of the government is cyber friend.

Home Ministry advice

In this Twitter handle cyber friend of the Ministry of Home Affairs, which is carrying out a campaign to strengthen cyber security, it is clearly said that such people should beware. Remember that very few materials found on the Internet are free. Cyber ​​thugs can trap you in exchange for giving things for free, so beware of online free offers. Not only this, for the job search portal registration, the Ministry of Home Affairs has been advised to read their privacy policy well before registration in such places so that you know in which hands your information will be used. is.

This is how cheating

Experts claim that thieves who play with cyber security use such personal information to send people spam emails and SMSes and make them their victims. Such people send a message claiming to send job-infringing information in a spam email or claiming a lottery amount, which is likely to be captured by the person’s mobile or laptop as soon as they are clicked.

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In a conversation with ‘Hindustan’, cyber affairs expert Pawan Duggal has described this leak as very serious in future. He said that people usually sell such information, but all these things for free have become a big threat to cyberspace. According to Pawan Duggal, these will contain important information related to personal information of 2.9 crore people as well as their schools and jobs institutions which can pose a threat to everyone in the coming days. He said that if India is still not serious about cyber security and laws related to it, then it may have to see terrible consequences in the coming days.

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