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Kiran Kumar, who won the battle from Corona, said – used to eat food in disposable utensils


Since being corona positive, Kiran Kumar continues to share his experience with the fans. Let us know that the second and third reports of Kiran have been negative. Kiran now told how he handled all the situations while staying at home.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Kiran said, “As soon as I came to know that my report has come positive, I told my wife to bring disposable utensils and I ate food in it.” My food was made and kept on the ladder. I then went to get my food and ate and disposed of the plate. I used to clean my entire room myself. ‘

Kiran told that he used to read books and watch movies during the quarantine. Kiran said, “I watched Star Wars and many Hindi films.”

Kiran also told that her sister used to cook many of her favorite dishes at this time. His children supported him fully. Kiran also praised her support staff who stood by her in trouble, not leaving the house.

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Did not admit in hospital

Kiran said in an interview,A few days ago I had my regular checkup done. During this, many of my tests were done. Corona’s test was also one of them. On 14 May, he told me that my test had come positive. I do not see any kind of symptoms of corona. I have neither a cold, nor a cough, nor a fever or headache. ‘

Kiran further said, “When there is no problem, there is no point in admitting in the hospital. I just isolated myself at home. My house is 2 storeys and I am living in the first floor. I talk to my family via phone. Exercising and eating very nutritious food. If you take full care of yourself, then this disease will not spoil you.

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