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Katrina Kaif sent a box of slices, Arjun Kapoor said – are you a Santa Claus of summer?


Arjun Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have a lot of fun with each other. The two also joke on each other on social media. Now recently Katrina has sent a box of slices for Arjun. Arjun first shared Patty’s photo on Instagram story and wrote, Thank you Katrina … somewhere you have a Santa Claus of summer.

After this, Arjun has also shared a video in which he is saying that Katrina I had asked for a slice, you have sent the entire daughter.

Earlier, Arjun shared a photo of mango and wrote, Hello Friends, the season of mango has arrived and remember seeing mango, Katrina Kaif, would you like to eat a slice? Katrina Kaif also commented on seeing the photo that yes, why not, I would like to eat not one but a few slices.

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Katrina has discharged House Help due to the lockdown and she is doing the housework herself. Katrina shared a video a few days ago in which she is seen showing how to clean utensils. Katrina says in the video that the corona virus is spreading so fast, so the way we are living in the house, similar house help should also stay in our house. Should not get out of the house.

On this video of Katrina, Arjun said, ‘You are invited to my house, Kantaben 2.0’.

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