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Kanyadan policy: marrying daughter with this scheme of LIC will be easy, will add 21 lakh


new Delhi. Every parent dreams of a daughter getting married with pomp. But due to rising inflation and expenses, saving now has become extremely important. If you also want to avoid problems in future, then you can take LIC’s Kanyadaan policy for your daughter. You can get up to 21 lakhs by investing only 121 rupees in this project. This policy is for 25 years, but you will have to pay premium for only 22 years. There is also no risk in this.

The specialty of this policy is that it also includes the death benefit. That is, if the policyholder dies after taking the policy, then the family will not have to pay the remaining premium. Also, LIC will help the family. In this scheme, the investor will have to deposit Rs 121 daily, i.e. around Rs 3600 every month. If you want, you can make a premium of less than this.

Benefits of policy
1. In this policy of LIC, when the daughter is 25 years old, she will get around 21 lakh rupees on maturity.
2. On the death of the insured, the family will get 5 lakh rupees. These benefits will be given in the annual installment.
3. If the insurance holder dies in an accident, the family will get Rs 10 lakh.
4. If a person dies under the policy, then his family will not have to pay the premium in this policy. The company itself will give Rs 1 lakh to the family for survival. Also, after 25 years, the maturity amount will also be given.

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