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Kailash Kher said about the music industry – I have ever cheated and sometimes hit


Popular Bollywood singer Kailash Kher, who has sung songs in 18 languages, lives a very simple life even today and he considers this as the secret of his fitness. He says that he does not pretend and lives his life in a native manner. Let’s know the secret of Kailash Kher’s vivacity …

You are a singer and nowadays you are also in the discussion due to Gonatus. How are you able to take care of yourself after being so busy?

Yes, I am busy with Gonatus work nowadays, in which we deliver the talk of people in a special way. Like if you say that today is your birthday of someone special and he is my fan and I wish him a happy birthday, then I will wish him well under Gonatus. It includes many singers and celebrities along with me. This is a good and new concept and I liked it so I joined it. Apart from this, as far as focusing on myself, I believe that I will eat either with ghee or I will go with ji, I do not have to pretend that I do not have this suit, I do not eat this. I laugh at these things and as I said I am a mad man. You will not believe that I can eat without food for at least 4 to 5 days. I can live without water for many hours. I have seen a lot of struggle in my life and it also taught me to starve and stay on the ground. Sometimes I cheated, sometimes I got shocked, so now I do not eat this food, I do not do all this. I am a native man anyway and I also work in chutney and roti. I believe getting as much as you can to stay alive. Eat it as much as I need. I laugh at those people who grin and say that we cannot eat this, they cannot eat them. I say brother, you are earning so much, at least eat as much as you want. But he is not in his luck.

Nowadays there is a lot of discussion about mental health in the industry. You too have been in the industry for years, have you never had problems with mental health?

Before entering the industry, I once went into depression because my business was in loss. During that time I also jumped into Gangaji to finish myself but I failed in that too and it made me more sad. I thought, my God, what is happening to me? Why I am getting failures in everything, why I am not able to fit in this world. Either I am more blatant or there is something else in me that you fail me in everything I do. Then a Babaji explained to me that you have no right to kill yourself. He explained to me that just as you do not have the right to enter the world on your own, in the same way, you do not have the right to leave the world on your own. He told me that if you are so upset with your life, then kill the person inside you who repeatedly tells you that it has not happened, it has not happened. His talk had such an impact on me that I considered myself an orphan and agreed that whatever I do now I will do for myself and not for others. I considered myself an orphan because as long as there are people around you, you will keep thinking about them and this mind will be troubled. Today I am neither happy nor sad about anything. The goal of my life is to forget myself and do something good for others.

How have you maintained your fitness in lockdown?

I am a desi man, he does not do much and has never relied on machines. I have been with yogis and I have learned from them how to do yoga and meditation. Even today, I meditate comfortably for hours and at the same time I do yoga to keep the body healthy. I adopt absolutely indigenous methods to keep the body healthy and as a result of this, age has not affected me from hair to cheeks. I do all my work so that energy remains in the body. I want to tell everyone that if you also want to be healthy for a long time, then do all that you like and in which there is no adulteration.

When you came to this intrest, what changes are you seeing in morality and socially in the present day and today?

I have been here for 15 years and a lot has changed in these years. Even the poor man is not poor yet. He also has two phones each. Now poverty is different. Today the definition of happiness has changed, the definition of success has changed, even love has changed to a great extent. Now life has become a mirror and teaches us something every day. I have learned how to satisfy you in enough things.

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