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Junk Food Can Harm Your Body in a Week: Study


Are you a fast-food fanatic? Then, it’s time to be cautious as a recent study reveals the kind of damage junk food can cause to your body.

A study was conducted by Guenther Boden and Salim Merali from the Temple University School of Medicine, US, on the diet and lifestyle of people in the US. During the experiment, six healthy men were asked to consume almost 6,000 calories in a day. It included pizza, burger and other junk foods.
Out of the six men, three of them had normal weight, while other three were over-weight. Neither of them was obese. They were asked to take bed rest for almost a week.

It was found that the volunteers had gained an average weight of 3.5kg and even showed signs of insulin resistance, which is the main element of type-2 diabetes. With this kind of food consumption, most of the people are at a risk of suffering from type-2 diabetes.

The motive behind the experiment was to find about the average American diet and the reason behind it leading to type-2 diabetes.

So, next time before consuming junk food, simply mull over its effects and the extent of damage your body will have to undergo. Check How you can Monitor Your Health with Fitness Band

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