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JIO’s Profit up by 183%, RIL earns from other income


new Delhi. As it was believed that in the first quarter results of Reliance Industries, the figures of Jio will prove to be better and the same happened. Reliance Jio Net Profit has seen an increase of 183% over the previous quarter. On the other hand, Reliance Industries Net Profit has seen the impact of Corona and has seen a growth of 31%. According to the information, the profits of Reliance Industry have increased from other sources and there has been a decline in earnings. Let us also tell you what kind of Reliance Industry and Reliance Jio have come.

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Reliance Industry Statistics
– RIL’s consolidated net profit in the June quarter increased by 30.97 per cent to Rs 13,233 crore.
According to the company, due to increase in other income, the company’s profit increased.
RIL’s other income grew by 54% to Rs 4388 crore.
– The company saw a one-time profit of Rs 4966 crore.
RIL cuts overall spending by about 42 percent.
– Reliance’s total expenditure in the June quarter was Rs 87,406 crore.
The company’s total expenses during the same period last year was Rs 1,50,858 crore. – Consolidated total income of the company declined by 42 percent.
The consolidated income of the company stood at Rs 95,626 crore in the June quarter.

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Reliance Jio figures
– Reliance Jio net profit of Rs 2,520 crore in the June quarter.
– Net profit increased 183 percent over the same period last year.
– Operating revenue of Jio increased by 33.7% to Rs 16557 crore.
– Net profit of the company was Rs 891 crore in the same period last fiscal.
– Jio’s EBITDA grew by 55.4 per cent to Rs 7,281 crore in the June quarter.
– The company’s EBITDA margin increased to 44 percent from 34.7 percent last year.
– As on 30 June, the company’s total number was 39.83 crore.
– The average user price of the company was Rs 140.3. This is 30.2 percent higher on a yearly basis.


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