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Is case against Lord Ram a religious hype?


What a filmy case!
The thought of impact of films on people’s minds is always under-estimated. A case, synonymous to the film Oh My God, was reported from Bihar’s Sitamarhi region.

When I saw #lordram trending on Twitter, for a moment I thought maybe it’s about some latest track in the mythological series show Siya Ke Ram. But I couldn’t believe myself reading the reason why it was trending on the micro-blogging site. One of the practicing lawyers in Bihar filed a case on Lord Ram and his brother Laxman for their conduct against Sita. What turned out to be a bigger surprise is that the chief judicial magistrate agreed to hear the case.

The lawyer Thakur Chandan Kumar Singh mentioned in his complaint, “The Devi was exiled (given ‘vanvasa’) for no fault of hers. It was a hypocritical order from king Rama. How can a man become so cruel to his wife that he sends her off to live in a forest?”

“Lord Rama did not think for a single moment how a woman could live alone amid wild animals, including reptiles and mammals, in the forest,” he also added.
He said that Lord Ram had committed a “non-cognizable offence”.

I literally fail to understand the ideology of these people who leave no opportunity to promote themselves in the name of religion and gods. And then the CJM’s agreement to hear this case will only lead to coming up of more cases like these.

If the lawyer is so much disturbed with the ill-treatment of woman, instead of turning pages from the past, why doesn’t he come ahead and do something against the criminals who rape women or children almost every day? Rape is one of the most common committed offences in India. Besides, there are other crimes like dowry, domestic violence, fear of security of women etc. Why not something against it?
Some things have no answer. It’s simply digging into the past and hogging limelight for future. And in this case, the lawyer’s plan has succeeded quite well.

People like these are the reason behind increasing grudges among people on the basis of religion. It’s a shame. The very thought of admitting cases like these should be criticized by the law itself, rather than encouraging people to protest against it.

It only shows that no matter how many smart cities we build, no matter how many countries come to our homeland, no matter how much the GDP increases, or no matter how much growth we make… such nonsensical thoughts and cases pulls the country back from development.

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