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IRDAI’s big decision, insurance companies will also claim ‘temporary-hospitals’


new Delhi: IRDAI has taken a big decision, giving great relief to the customers. The Insurance Regulatory Authority has issued guidelines declaring a claim in the Corona Pandemic to insurance holders who are undergoing treatment at Temporary Hospitals for Kovid-19 infected patients.

This decision of IRDAI will provide relief to those who are getting treatment of Kovid-19 in ‘Make Shift’ or ‘Temporary Hospital’. You may know that in view of the increasing number of coronavirus-infected cases (covid-19 cases) in the country, many state governments have created ‘make shift’ or ‘temporary hospitals’.

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In this regard, IRDAI has issued an IRDAI Circular so that the insured does not have to face difficulties for the claim later. The circular clearly states that when a policyholder is admitted to such a temporary hospital on the advice of a physician after being infected with Kovid-19, even if the terms and conditions of the policy contract are defined by the hospital, it is on treatment. The insurance companies will settle the expenses.

5% discount to doctors and nurses- Insurance regulator IRDAI has asked insurance companies to give 5% discount to doctors and nurses on Corona Kavach policy.

Hospitals cannot refuse cashless treatment

IRDA has asked the insurance companies to take action against such hospitals which are health insurance policy holders Kovid-19 refuses to provide cashless treatment to hospitals. Have been. IRDA has asked the insurers to complain to the appropriate government agency.

Along with this, the authority has said to give information of these hospitals to the insurance companies on its website. Also, IRDAI has asked insurance companies to create separate systems to handle these complaints.

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