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Injected EGC – A product that Saves money; Exhibits at Surge


Wondering to have an all purpose product that would help in saving money for buying various products including home décor, education, hospitals and restaurants? Then INJECTED EGC is the one that can help.

The product has been nurtured after two years of real time opinion from various consumers. It has been developed to achieve the aim of consumer freedom from different choices, relevance or geographic spread. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor; it’s a product for everyone.

INJECTED EGC aims at enabling mobility and creating experience to the core consumer across their expenditure and purchase needs. The only aim it serves is saving.

Team Injected EGC at Surge Conference

INJECTED EGC is a free platform for the merchants to participate and make a difference. With more than 3500 vendors on board and counting, this exciting platform is a testament to the potential and acceptance of this model.

The objective of INJECTED EGC is to create an ecosystem that brings in a value adds prospective to the consumers’ daily expenditure and purchase needs. This ecosystem breaths and lives for the consumer. Hence, the tagline “Livelihood Simplified” represents life.

The product intends to help the consumer in different ways like savings, creating mobility, the experience with consumer, implementation of right communication and positioning of the product and skill development.

The product is available on the campus of Honeywell Automation in Pune, and at the Utsav Shopping Festival till February 28, 2016 in Pune.

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