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Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Scheme: Government will give 6 thousand rupees to women who become mothers for the second time, will get the amount in installments


new Delhi. The Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Scheme is being run by the government to ensure the complete development of pregnant women and children and no problems during pregnancy. In this, 6 thousand financial assistance is given to pregnant women from the government. They are given in installments. This scheme has been implemented by the Government of Rajasthan. Its benefits are available for the second time during pregnancy. During this time they are also encouraged to adopt contraceptive schemes. If the app also wants to take advantage of this scheme then some procedures have to be followed.

Purpose of the scheme
The Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Scheme aims to improve the health and nutritional status of pregnant women and lactating mothers and children up to the age of three. Also they have to make family planning conscious. This scheme has been started in the four most backward districts of the state, Udaipur, Banswara, Dungarpur and Pratapgarh, based on the ranking made on maternal and child nutrition indicators. Later the state government will implement it in the entire state in a phased manner.

The amount will be received in 5 installments
Under Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Scheme, financial assistance to pregnant women is provided in 5 installments. First installment Rs 1000 on pregnancy check up and registration, second installment Rs 1000 on completion of at least two prenatal checks, third installment Rs 1000 on institutional delivery, fourth installment Rs 2000 on all birthdays within 105 days of child birth In the form of registration and birth registration of the child and the last installment of Rs 1000 is given for adopting the means of family planning within three months of the birth of the second child of the couple.

43 crores budget kept
Over 77 thousand women will be benefited from this scheme every year. This scheme is being implemented so that women can get better nutrition during pregnancy and get treatment properly. For this, the government is keeping a budget of 43 crore per year. Its distribution will be funded by the State Mineral Foundation Trust under the Department of Mines and Geology. Women have to get themselves registered to take advantage of the scheme.


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