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Indian traders plan to destroy Chinese business, Dragon will suffer so much


new Delhi. The Confederation of All India Traders said that it has set a target to reduce imports from China to Rs 1 lakh crore this year. The traders body said in a statement that it will run a program this year to free the country’s e-commerce business from the clutches of foreign companies.

Indian businessmen will integrate Chinese business
As part of its ‘Boycott Chinese Goods’ campaign from 10 June 2020, CAT has set a target of bringing imports from China to Rs 1 lakh crore by the end of this year, the merchant body said. CAT also said that it would urge the government to e-commerce policy, national retail trade policy, formation of Merchant Welfare Board in the center and all states, simplification of GST tax system and a separate income tax slab for the country’s traders.

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Demand will be made from the government
It will urge the government to constitute a joint committee of officers and traders in all districts and will also seek simplification of the Food Safety and Standards Act. CAT’s priorities also include helping women entrepreneurs. It will also try to make the pension scheme more rational for traders, subsidized insurance scheme for traders and their employees, availing easy access to loans for traders.


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