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Indian tourism industry, which has suffered a loss of 15 lakh crores, can get relief, RBI indicated


new Delhi : The loss due to Coronavirus to the Indian tourism industry has now increased to ₹ 15 lakh crore. This information has been given by the Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism and Hospitality (FAITH), which works for the entire tourism and travel industry of India and the hospitality industry. But in the meantime, the Reserve Bank Governor Shaktikant Das has given relief signs for the tourism industry, which is facing heavy pressure. According to Shaktikanta Das, the tourism sector may be the new sunrise sector for the country, where the maximum employment will be created, the government is discussing to help the Girish industry in difficulty.

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Shaktikanta Das said this while speaking at the CII Council, according to the RBI Governor, the coronavirus industry has been under pressure, suggested to set up the fund for the truth and the government is discussing for help.

At the same time, the Governor also said that the economy of Coronavirus is going through a difficult phase and everyone needs to fight strongly against Corona. In the current situation, bank NBFCs have been asked to increase credit. Along with this, the government has also asked them to take steps before the situation deteriorates.

Talking about the tourism industry, FACE had estimated a loss of 500000 crores rupees in the tourism sector in March 2020 due to the epidemic. With the situation worsening, the institution had raised this estimate to 10 lakh crore in the last quarter. Now once again it has been revised to 15 lakh crore.

Although talking about the tourism sector, the RBI governor did not disclose how much relief will be given to the sector but it is certain that the government is considering taking steps in this direction.

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