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Indian Economy will be beaten in Asia this year by beating Corona


new Delhi. Even though the Indian Economy is currently in the worst condition. At the same time, India’s economy figures should be worrying in the estimates of all economic institutions, but the financial year 2021-20 will be of India. India’s GDP growth in 2021-22 is projected to be higher than that of strong and developed countries like China, Korea, Singapore, if the Asian Bank Development Bank Outlook’s update forecast report is taken as the basis. Only Maldives, a small island adjacent to India, has been estimated to have a GDP growth rate higher than India. Let us tell you that this year it has been estimated to be below 9% of India’s GDP. At the same time, the GDP of Asia has gone into decline for the first time in 60 years. Let us also tell you what kind of situation India is likely to live.

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Indian economy will grow beyond 8 percent growth rate
India’s GDP has been estimated at 8 per cent in FY 2021-22. The special thing is that it is more than China, Singapore and Korea. According to statistics, China’s GDP is estimated at 7.7 percent. Which is less than the margin of India. Singapore’s GDP has been estimated at 4.5 percent. Republic Korea’s GDP is expected to be 3.3 percent. While Thailand’s GDP has been estimated at 4.5 percent. Which is half of that of India. According to experts, the country has been growing very fast before. Due to Corona virus, there has been a decline in GDP due to holes in the economic structure of the country.

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India is behind only Maldives
On the other hand, in the Maldives, the ADB report estimated 46 countries as the only country whose growth has been estimated in double digits. According to ADB data, the growth of Maldives is estimated to be 10.5 per cent. 2.5 percent more than India. India’s growth rate is estimated to be the highest after Maldives. At present, there are 9243 Corona cases in Maldives, out of which 7536 have been recovered and a total of 33 people have died. Talking about India, the total number of cases has reached more than 49 lakhs. 38.6 lakh people have been recovered, while 80,776 people have died.

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Such situation will happen for SAARC countries
Talking of SAARC countries, India’s growth rate will be much better than the rest of the countries. Afghanistan and Nepal’s growth rates have been the lowest estimates. Both can go ahead with 1.5 per cent. While Pakistan 2 per cent and Bhutan 1.7 per cent growth rate is estimated. Bangladesh may be in a slightly better position. Whose growth rate is expected to be 6.8 percent. While Sri Lanka’s growth rate is estimated at 4.1 per cent.

Growth rate estimates for SAARC countries in 2021-22

Country GDP Estimate for FY 2021-22 (in percent)
Bangladesh 6.8
Bhutan 1.7
India 8
Maldives 10.5
Nepal 1.5
Pakistan 2
Sri Lanka 4.1
Afghanistan 1.5

Economy of ASEAN countries will remain like this
If we talk about ASEAN countries then it is one of the largest economic and organizations of Asia. In which India is not a member country. If we look at the figures of ADB according to the ASEAN countries, then Malaysia and Philippines are expected to be better. The GDP growth of both has been estimated at 6.5 percent. After that Vietnam has been estimated at 6.3% and Myanmar’s growth rate of 6%. Brunei is estimated at 3 percent, Cambodia 5.9 percent, Indonesia 5.3 percent, Laus 4.5 percent.

Estimates of the growth rate of ASEAN countries in 2021-22

Country GDP Estimate for FY 2021-22 (in percent)
Brunei 3
Cambodia 5.9
Indonesia 5.3
Laus 4.5
Malaysia 6.5
Myanmar 6
Philippines 6.5
Singapore 4.5
Thailand 4.5
Vietnam 6.3


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