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In the last one week, Reliance got about 60 thousand crores profit, TCS increased by 23,500 crores


New Delhi. Out of the top 10 companies in the country, the market cap of 8 companies has increased by Rs 1.40 lakh crore. In which the maximum increase has been seen in the market cap of Reliance Industries. On the other hand, the market cap of TCS has seen an increase. On the other hand, there has been a decline in the market cap of Hindustan Unilever and Bajaj Finance. Let us tell you that in the last one week, the BSE Sensex gained 882.40 points or 1.74 percent. Let us also tell you how much the market cap of which company has increased.

Increase in the market cap of companies
The market capitalization (mcap) of eight of the country’s 10 most valuable companies increased by a combined Rs 1,39,566.52 crore last week.
The market valuation of Reliance Industries jumped 59,590.77 points to Rs 13,28,049.94 crore.
The m-cap of Tata Consultancy Services increased by Rs 23,562.96 crore to Rs 11,63,018.74 crore.
The market capitalization of Infosys rose by Rs 21,395.27 crore to Rs 5,98,604.10 crore.
SBI’s market capitalization rose by Rs 18,697.06 crore to Rs 3,76,663.23 crore.
At the same time, the m-cap of Kotak Mahindra Bank increased by Rs 8,435.06 crore to Rs 3,56,849.67 crore.
HDFC’s market valuation rose by Rs 4,555.41 crore to Rs 4,58,418.62 crore.
HDFC Bank’s mcap rises by Rs 2,721.71 crore to Rs 8,28,341.24 crore
The market valuation of ICICI Bank rose by Rs 608.28 crore to Rs 4,45,171.34 crore.

Decline in the market cap of these companies
On the other hand, there has been a significant fall in the market cap of the two companies. The fall in the market cap was driven by profit-booking in the stocks of Hindustan Unilever and Bajaj Finance. First of all, if we talk about Hindustan Unilever, then last week there has been a fall of Rs 8,904.94 crore in mcap. Due to which the market cap of the company came down to Rs 5,45,762.50 crore. While the market capitalization of Bajaj Finance has declined by Rs 1,282.63 crore and the market cap has come down to Rs 3,38,589.27 crore.

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