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If you want to take benefit of Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme, then do this work before July 31


If the Prime Minister wants to take advantage of the crop insurance scheme, then inform the bank branch before 31 July 2020, so that if your crop gets destroyed in a disaster, then that loss can be recovered. Earthquake, avalanche, landslide, drought, hurricane, flood, arson, cloudburst, crop worms and the loss of your crop due to cold wave, compensate the Modi government under the Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme. Although not linked to this scheme, farmers can get big help from banks in the event of crop loss.

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Farmers should submit a photo, ID-proof, address proof, Khasra number of the farm and proof of crop in the field to the bank branch by 31 July. Non-indebted farmers can contact CSC, banks, agents or can even do crop insurance on the insurance portal themselves.

Have to pay so much premium

One has to pay 2% premium for Kharif crop and 1.5% premium for Rabi crop. The scheme also provides insurance cover for commercial and horticultural crops. In this, farmers have to pay 5% premium.

How to get profit

Within 10 days of sowing the farm, the farmer has to apply for the Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme. The benefit of insurance will be given only if your crop has been damaged due to a natural disaster. The crops standing between sowing to harvest are compensated for natural calamities, diseases and pests. At the same time, standing crops are compensated for local disasters, hailstorm, landslides, cloudburst, loss due to lightning.

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After the harvest, the insurance company will compensate the damage to the crops kept for drying in the field for the next 14 days due to unseasonal rain, hail and storm damage on an individual basis. Not only this, due to unfavorable weather, if you do not sow the crop, you will also get benefit.

Insurance company toll-free number for claim

Within 72 hours, you can contact the insurance company and the Department of Agriculture specialist on 18002005142 or 1800120909090. In case of loss, the farm-wise loss is assessed and paid.

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