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How to get the child aadhar card and which documents are required, know details


new Delhi. Aadhar card is required in every government functioning from admission to school. In many places along with parents, now the basis of children is also mandatory. If your child is less than 5 years old, then his / her base can be built. However, biometric data will not be required for this. So, how to get Aadhaar card of children and which documents will be required, know the process.

Contact Aadhaar Care Center
Parents can contact the Aadhaar care center near their home to get the child’s Aadhaar card made. Here you have to fill a form. Also, photocopy of the child’s birth certificate, passport size photo and copy of Aadhar card of the child’s parents will have to be installed. Aadhar card will be generated after completing these processes.

Aadhaar can also be made by school identity card
The child’s Aadhaar card is also needed to take advantage of government schemes and paperwork in school. Therefore, apart from the birth certificate of the child, you can also apply for the Aadhaar card through his school identity card. During this time, the parents will need a photocopy of their identity card for the home address.

Aadhaar will come home within 90 days
The process of creating an Aadhaar card will take about 90 days. You will get an enrollment slip while applying for Aadhaar. With this enrollment ID you can check the status of Aadhaar.

Can update for free
If your child is less than 5 years old, then his / her biometric data will not be required to make Aadhaar. For this, his UID will be prepared on the basis of parent Aadhaar data. When the child is more than 5 years of age, there will be scanning of the retina including fingerprints. If you built your child’s base at a young age. Now his age is between 5 and 15 years, so you can update biometric data for free on his basis.

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