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How much market value of TCS increased compared to Reliance, know here


new Delhi. The past week proved to be memorable for the stock market and its investors. Even though the Sensex may not have seen a big boom according to the numbers, it was successful in crossing the 45 thousand mark and remaining intact. On the other hand, Reliance also returned to the track of increase in market cap. After about two months, Reliance’s market saw an increase.

According to the data, out of the top ten companies in the market, the market cap of 6 companies saw an increase of 91.62 lakh crore. ICICI Bank and TCS were the biggest beneficiaries. Let us also tell you what kind of figures of top ten companies were seen last week.

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There was so much increase in market cap
The market cap of six of the top 10 Sensex companies saw an increase of Rs 91,629.38 crore last week. Last week, the 30-share BSE Sensex was up 929.83 points or 2.10. Let us tell you that the record number reached 45148 points last week. This is the first time that the Sensex has crossed the 45 thousand level.

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Increase in market cap of these companies
ICICI Bank’s market cap rose by Rs 20,272.71 crore to Rs 3,46,497.75 crore in the previous week.
– TCS’s market cap increased by Rs 17,579.92 crore to reach Rs 10,22,900.07 crore.
– Bharti Airtel’s market grew by Rs 16,694.01 crore to Rs 2,69,449.98 crore.
– Infosys’ market cap rose by Rs 14,524.89 crore to Rs 4,83,304.06 crore.
Hindustan Unilever saw an increase of Rs 11,970.99 crore to Rs 5,14,118.15 crore.
– Reliance Industries’ market cap rose by Rs 10,586.86 crore to Rs 12,34,003.83 crore.

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Loss to market cap of these companies
HDFC Bank’s market cap declined by Rs 30,589.19 crore to Rs 7,62,747.36 crore.
Kotak Mahindra Bank’s market cap was reduced by Rs 11,037.31 crore to Rs 3,65,448.53 crore.
HDFC market cap was reduced by Rs 1,803.38 crore to Rs 4,04,192.73 crore.
Bajaj Finance’s market cap fell by Rs 1,708.34 crore to Rs 2,93,758.31 crore.

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